What is a VPS?

Are you choosing website hosting and wondering What is a VPS? The term VPS stands for virtual private server, which offers very similar benefits to dedicated hosting.

With a VPS you are still sharing a physical server with other users, but on this server you get a completely private operating system and dedicated processor power, disk space and RAM memory.

VPS Hosting

A VPS is achieved by setting up different virtual machines on the physical server. These virtual machines act as dedicated physical servers in almost every way, but actually run on 1 machine. Your virtual machine’s performance is minimally impacted by other server users. You also have similar software configuration flexibility as with a dedicated server.

Since you are still sharing a server, you don’t have access to the physical server’s full power, but instead you get a dedicated portion of the server’s resources.

One advantage of a VPS compared with a physical dedicated server is that it is quite easy to upgrade your VPS if you need a more powerful server. With most VPS providers it is just a matter of a quick software configuration change to get more processor power, disk space or RAM memory.