About Good Web Hosting Guide

The Good Web Hosting Guide is a blog about choosing the best website host for your unique requirements.

Over the last decade as a digital marketing consultant, I’ve created, managed and advised on hundreds of websites and blogs across over 40 of the most popular hosts. During this time, I’ve had both great and terrible experiences with web hosting providers based in numerous countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, India, Germany and Ireland.

I’ve experienced both non-existent and fantastic customer services that went way beyond expectations at both ends of the spectrum. From a marketing and SEO perspective, fast and reliable website hosting can make a big difference in terms of your ranking in Google and other search engines, and the trust and patience of your visitors, helping your to keep and convert them into customers.

With the various advice on this blog, I hope you find some useful nuggets of information that will help you dodge the pitfalls and choose the best web hosting for your needs and your budget.

Best of luck!